Law of Resonance

 Summary of the below video:

  • Law of attraction says that the universe will give you what you focus your mind of.
  • No, people misunderstand this. The universe doesn't give you what you are focused on, it gives you what you are.
  • Don't think "law of attraction", think "law of resonance".
  • The universe will reflect back to you who you are.
  • And so, it's not about your dominant thought, it's about your dominant identity.
  • It's about identity and not thought.
  • The Universe doesn't give you what you are constantly focused on, what you are constantly visualizing, the Universe gives you who you are.
  • Any form of listening to your intuition, to act on it, and bring something new in the world has to start with one thing: resonance.
  • You must become the next evolution of who you're meant to be.
  • And the way to get there, is to a very different understanding than keep repeating affirmations of keep visualizing of believing in the law of attraction.


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