Building your personal brand - By Jason McDonald

Highlights of below video about Building your personal brand, by Jason McDonald, Director of StringCan Europe and Chair of NextGen at the AmCham France (@JMcDonaldIntl):

-Main goal with your personal brand: to make money.
-Keep in mind your ideal audience: your customer and the top investor.
-Selling point about your activity/start-up towards your audience: innovation, advantage, profit/benefit.
-Negative points about your activity/start-up from your audience point of view: risk, more work, looking bad.

-Above all, your audience will look at YOU. The person is more important than the product.
-"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Will Rogers.
-Today your first impression is hapenning on line, e.g. what you tweet.
-First question you have to ask about your branding: "what do you want to be known for?".
-Second question: "what makes you unique?".
-Third question: "what skill, smarts or attitude do you have that people will engage/work with you?".
-Fourth question: "how can you help others?".
-Fifth question: "what drives you, what is your contribution, what makes you satisfied?".
-Get on stage early and often.

Two tips for Networking:
-Focus on learning something new. Make people explain things and ask them questions.
-Try to give back. "How can I help this guy? With hwom can I connect her?".


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