My Economy Watch - May 2016

Here are my macro highlights from the last weeks, about worldwide economy.

ASIA (excluding China and India)

-24.05.2016 -Economy is on a flat trend since 2014. Increase in VAT has impacted the consumers and their spending power. Source:


-20.04.2016 - China undertake actions to boost exports in order to help economy. These actions include boosting lending, increasing export credit insurance and raising tax rebates for some companies. Source:
-29.04.2016 - Chinese cities increase borrowing in order to fuel growth, adding concerns about the country's debt.
-24.05.2016 - Growth in China is impacted among others by the fact that the country is shifting towards a service economy, and by an overcapacity and unsuited reactivity of industrial sectors. Source:


-29.04.2016 - The global economy of the 19 countries using the euro advanced 0.6 percent from January to March '16 (compared with previous quarter), according data released by European Union. Source:
-02.05.2016 - Inflation rate slows down again in Eurozone and USA. Source:
-18.05.2016 - Eurozone moved back into deflation in April '16. Source:

-24.05.2016 - French economy is getting better after a long period of reduced growth. French growth intensified during first quarter of 2016. The French economy just exited a long slow growth period that occurred from 2011 to 2014. It is expected that 2016 should be a better year than 2015 in which the growth rate was 1.2%. Source:

-13.05.2016 - Italian GDP increased by 0.3% in Q1 2016 compared with Q4 2015, according to data released by Institut national des statistiques (Istat). GDP raised by 0.2% in Q4 2015 compared with Q3 2015. Source:

-01.05.2016 - It is expected that German industrial output increases at a faster pace this year. Source:
-13.05.2016 - German GDP increased by 0.7% in Q1 2016, strengthened by the domestic demand. Source:
-24.05.2016 - German's domestic demand remains robust. Source:

-20.04.2016 - Unemployment in UK increased by 21,000 to 1.7 mio between December 2015 and February 2016 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). UK unemployment rate remained at 5.1%. Uncertainties around Brexit may discourage companies from hiring new people according some economists. Source:
-03.05.2016 - Markit/CIPS Purchasing Managers' Index fell from 50.7 to 49.2 in March. Source:
-18.05.2016 - First minister George Osborne announced that the pound could lose nearly 12% of its value in case of victory of the "no" during referendum of June 23rd. Source:

-24.05.2016 - Public deficit of Spain is efficiently managed with regards to EU requirements. Source:


-13.05.2016 - India GDP is projected at 7.3& in 2016. Source:


-25.04.2016 - Saudi Arabia approved economic reform program in order to be less dependent from oil revenues. Among others, by creating the world’s largest sovereign-wealth fund. Source:


-13.05.2016 - China and Morocco signed a cooperation agreement that covers various fields such as economics, legal, automotive, textile, aviation and logistics. Source:


-29.04.2016 - For the first time in five months, Canada's GDP reduced by 0.1% in February. Source:
-04.05.2016 - 2'100 jobs were loosed in Canada in April. Unemployment level still at 7.1%. Source:

-15.04.2016 - Manufacturing output dropped in March '16, by the most since February '15. Source:
-28.04.2016 - GDP increased by 0.5% in Q1 2016, the weakest since Q1 2014. Source:
-02.05.2016 - US' economy is penalized by low domestic demand. Source:
-10.05.2016 - Employment slows and only 160'000 jobs were created in April '16. Business spending for basic equipment decreased in Q1 2016 at a pace not seen since 2009. Source:
-11.05.2016 - The median income adjusted for inflation is 53'657 dollars per household, down more than 7.5% since 2000, meaning that half of the population has a lower income figure. Source:
-19.05.2016 - US GDP may be below 2% in 2016, growing at a moderate rate. No sign of acceleration of economic activity in the next months. Source:


-28.04.2016 - Russia's GDP expected to decline by 1.5% in 2016. Source:


-13.04.2016 - China offers a $6b loan to Nigeria in order to fund projects. Source:

Credit photo: CC Georgie Pauwels (license)


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