Be seen by your market as the most trusted advisor for life - by Jay Abraham

Take away:
-You want to be seen by your market as the most trusted advisor for life, not just for a short static moment.
-You want to be seen as the only viable choice they could make in the category that you represent.
-The way that you do it is by establishing positionning that first of all has to be truly believed by you because it can't be unauthentic or you'll be found out.
-It's all about leadership, you're leading me.
-Human beings all want to be led. However we want to be led by somebody we feel absolutely has our best interest. The sooner the easier you establish that distinction, the more powerful you are in their mindset.

Business Statistics

in US:
Of all small businesses started in 2014 (Mansfield 2019: percent made it to the second year (2015);70 percent made it to the third year (2016);62 percent made it to the fourth year (2017);56 percent made it to the fifth year (2018).

Science-based Factors to Achieve Goals

WRITING DOWN THE GOALS A 2015 study by psychologist Gail Matthews showed when people wrote down their goals, they were 33% more successful in achieving them than those who formulated outcomes in their heads.

Sales & Marketing Email - By Geoffrey James

A 7-Step Tutorial on Sales Messages "Your sales message is the core of your sales and marketing efforts. Here's how to write one and make it more useful."

Medical Devices - Impacts of MDR in EU - By Deloitte

This paper looks to understand the range of impacts the EU MDR will have on the industry—from change management to portfolio reviews to product labelling. Deloitte propose a series of steps manufacturers should take to address and mitigate the changes ahead. With careful planning, a successful transition to the new regulatory landscape is possible. Link:

My Macro Watch - December 18'

▸Signs of economic slowdown in Europe, China and especially in USA.

▸Switzerland and Australia in good shape. Italy still a big threat in Europe.

▸UK wage growth is the lowest of G20. Link to Brexit?

▸USA performing well but signs of a coming recession.

Next Economic Collapse vs. Marketing Budget & Decisions

"In case of an economic collapse, people will be obliged to make better decisions because they no more have the money to make dumb decisions." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Big companies will have to do good Marketing with much less budget.