samedi 19 novembre 2016

Sales: what you can learn from Donald Trump - by Grant Cardone

8 tips for your sales from Donald Trump election:
1-Be authentic, if people are wrong tell them.
2-Use straight Talk.
3-Know your audience.
4-Keep it simple stupid.
5-Give big picture of your story/product, not tiny picture.
6-Use social media.
7-Get free advertising by having an opinion, by using contreversy.
8-Be the authority, commit, have an opinion.

mardi 27 septembre 2016

Smart Grid : marché, business model, réglementation

Ce document est une introduction au marché Smart Grid et met notamment en lumière le contexte marché, des exemples de business models (Prosumers, ESCO, DSO, etc.), le ROI Smart Grid, les normes IEC et IEEE (1547, 1675…) applicables, ou encore les technologies hardware/software clés utilisées aujourd’hui.

samedi 17 septembre 2016

mardi 5 juillet 2016

Top 5 Errors Of Aspiring Entrepreneurs - By

In below video the Top 5 Errors Of Aspiring Entrepreneurs and the 6 following steps to launch your business:

1) Do tons of research. Become a master of your market place : customers, competitors, what their problems are, know your market place better than anybody else. You beat others by being better in knowing the market place.
2) Test, test, test a lot of different possibilities. Be open to a range of ideas.
3) Look for things that have practical value for people.
4) Look for the actual problem that people have in their lives, use that for your new ideas.
5) Prove at least one marketing avenue, i.e. one strategy to getting eyeballs looking at your product/service. Proving marketing avenue is more important than your product/service.
6) Prove your cashflow, can you generate a sale?

lundi 13 juin 2016

Building your personal brand - By Jason McDonald

Highlights of below video about Building your personal brand, by Jason McDonald, Director of StringCan Europe and Chair of NextGen at the AmCham France (@JMcDonaldIntl):

-Main goal with your personal brand: to make money.
-Keep in mind your ideal audience: your customer and the top investor.
-Selling point about your activity/start-up towards your audience: innovation, advantage, profit/benefit.
-Negative points about your activity/start-up from your audience point of view: risk, more work, looking bad.

dimanche 29 mai 2016

My Economy Watch - May 2016

Here are my macro highlights from the last weeks, about worldwide economy.

ASIA (excluding China and India)

-24.05.2016 -Economy is on a flat trend since 2014. Increase in VAT has impacted the consumers and their spending power. Source:

jeudi 19 mai 2016

Prix du pétrole en hausse: raisons et perspectives - Olivier Rech pour Challenges

Interview d'Olivier Rech, ancien expert des "perspectives pétrolières" à l'Agence internationale de l'énergie (AIE):

Raisons de la hausse des prix du pétrole :
-Baisse de la production au Canada (incendies autour de Fort McMurray dans l’Ouest).
-Baisse de la production au Nigeria (troubles dans la région).
-Baisse des exportations irakiennes transitant par le Kurdistan.
-Grève de trois jours dans l'industrie pétrolière au Koweït.
-Demande soutenue de la Chine.